• 31 May 2023

    4 Key Benefits of Exercise for Older Adults

    Incorporating regular exercise into the daily routine of older adults yields a wide array of benefits that enhance both physical and mental well-being. By embracing an active lifestyle, seniors can improve their quality of life, maintain independence, and truly enjoy the golden years. So, dust off your sneakers, stretch your muscles, and embark on a journey toward better health, happiness, and longevity.
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  • 24 May 2023

    Speech and Hearing Month: Our communication gateway

    Our ability to hear and speak allows us to communicate with others, which is integral to our emotional and social well-being. Issues with our hearing or speech that prohibit us from communicating can pose significant challenges, such as social isolation.
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  • 17 May 2023

    5 ways technology can help you age optimally

    The degree to which technology has embedded itself into our lives is becoming increasingly apparent, and the health space is no exception. We’ve rounded up a few tech-based strategies that may offer benefits and help you age optimally.
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  • 10 May 2023

    May is skin cancer awareness month: Protect the skin you're in

    While basking in the sun’s golden rays can feel great, it is crucial to be diligent about sun safety. In the past 25 years, there has been a significant increase in melanoma diagnoses. The good news is that taking precautions can minimize your chances of developing skin cancer.
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  • 3 May 2023

    It’s Mental Health Week: 6 ways to support your mental health and well-being

    Mental health and emotional well-being are critical considerations for our aging population. May 1-7 is Mental Health Week in Canada, intended to raise awareness about mental health and well-being and reduce stigma. Read on for a few evidence-based strategies that can help you strengthen your mental well-being.
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  • 26 April 2023

    Falls: How to lower your risk

    It is important to remember that falling should not be considered inevitable, but there are many things you can do to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. Incorporating exercises into your daily routine that involve some form of resistance training can help build flexibility. Maintaining foot health is also important, as older adults experience changes in muscle strength that can increase their risk of falling.
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  • 17 April 2023

    How intergenerational programs benefit people of all ages

    People often mention the need to develop more intergenerational programs as they can positively affect people of all ages. The pandemic highlighted the social isolation of the elderly; however, intergenerational ties have been weakening for several decades.
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  • 11 April 2023

    Walking for good health

    Walking is one of the easiest ways to stay active and has many positive benefits for our health. It can help to improve heart health, aid in stroke recovery, reduce pain and improve physical function. Whether it's already part of your routine, you’re looking for ways to change things up, or you need some convincing to get started, we have compiled some tips to help.
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  • 5 April 2023

    4 ways your diet can impact your health goals

    Eating a well-balanced, nutritious diet is an essential part of healthy aging. Nourishing our bodies with healthy, whole foods can help with everything from weight loss to improved mood and can help manage conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes and contribute to better heart health. We’ve broken down some ways diets can be beneficial, and which can help for specific purposes.
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  • 29 March 2023

    National Oral Health Month: Is it time to check your oral health?

    Your oral health is essential to your overall health and should be prioritized as a part of your routine. Read more about ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy.
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  • 22 March 2023

    Reducing and eliminating your alcohol consumption

    It is estimated that 80% of Canadians consume alcohol, and of those who drink, nearly six million are considered heavy drinkers. Canada’s alcohol consumption guidelines, developed by the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction, were recently updated and state that no amount of alcohol is considered safe and recommends that people consume no more than two standard drinks in a week.
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  • 15 March 2023

    What is delirium? How to recognize the signs

    Delirium, sometimes called an acute confusional state, is a common and potentially serious condition. While it can happen to anyone, anywhere, it often occurs when someone is in the hospital.
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  • 7 March 2023

    It’s Music Therapy Month: Exploring the benefits for older adults

    Whether for yourself or a loved one, consider incorporating more music into your everyday life and enjoy its many benefits.
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  • 1 March 2023

    Unlock the potential of food this Nutrition Month

    Every year in Canada, March is Nutrition Month and aims to raise awareness about the importance of healthy eating while promoting meaningful nutrition conversations amongst Canadians. This year’s campaign theme, "Unlock the Potential of Food, " aims to inform Canadians of the benefits of good nutrition and healthy eating.
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  • 22 February 2023

    Preventative health: A proactive approach

    February is Preventative Health Awareness Month, a month-long initiative that aims to help inform Canadians about things they can do to keep themselves healthy at every age and stage of life. By taking preventative measures, the risk of developing chronic diseases could be lowered. Preventative health measures include things like making healthy lifestyle choices, taking care of your mental health, getting enough sleep, identifying risk factors for disease, and more.
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  • 15 February 2023

    Four benefits of music for your health

    While music is a safe, simple, inexpensive strategy, it continues to be an underused tool. Over the years, music-based strategies have been investigated for everything from hospital stays to walking to sleep, yielding positive results. It has also been shown to have therapeutic benefits for people living with dementia. Consider incorporating more music into your everyday life, whether for yourself or a loved one.
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  • 8 February 2023

    Improve your heart health with diet and exercise

    February is heart month in Canada, an opportunity to increase awareness about what we can do to improve our heart health. Heart disease affects over 2.5 million Canadians annually and is Canada's second-leading cause of death. The good news is that there are lifestyle changes you can make that can lower your risk of developing heart disease.
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  • 1 February 2023

    World Cancer Day: 3 ways to reduce your risk

    February 4th is World Cancer Day, an international day marked to raise cancer awareness and encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment. While cancer is one of Canada's leading causes of death, the good news is that up to 50% of cancers are preventable; many are treatable when detected early. You can reduce your risk by improving key lifestyle factors, including diet, exercise, and eliminating harmful substances.
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  • 25 January 2023

    Six strategies to strengthen your mental well-being

    The conversation about mental health and well-being is one we need to continue year-round. Strengthen your mental well-being using the above strategies and remember to check in with others.
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  • 17 January 2023

    Staying safe behind the wheel

    When it comes to driving, it is not your age that determines your abilities; it is your health. Driving enables people to remain connected to their communities, maintain social ties, and access needed services, particularly in rural areas lacking public transit. Helping older adults stay safe on the road is just as important as ensuring they maintain their independence by driving as long as (safely) possible.
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